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Ethics channel

Grupo Primavera is committed to complying with the law, with transparency and aligned with our corporate principles and values. This commitment extends to all its relationships with employees, customers, and other collaborators. We have a Code of Ethics that sets out the ethical principles and action to which we are committed in the development of all our commercial activities and which must be respected by all members of the Group. In order to respond to any risk or non-compliance with legislation, the Code or any other internal rules, this Ethics Channel was created as a means of communication open to both the Organization’s members and other interested parties.

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Confidentiality and protection of the privacy of all the involved is guaranteed. In order to provide greater security, anonymous reporting is also allowed.

Remember that this Channel is activated for the sole purpose of receiving communications related to risks or violations of legislation, the Code of Ethics, or other internal rules, so unrelated communications or complaints will not be accepted, and other specific channels have been activated.

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