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Grupo Primavera.

Grupo Primavera is the business management software leader for SMEs in Spain and Portugal.

We are the sum of the experience and talent of Primavera BSS, Ekon, Triari Labs, Contasimple, Billage, Diez Software and Professional Software.


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These are the companies that make up
Grupo Primavera.

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Ekon is the Spanish leader in cloud business management solutions for SMEs. Thanks to its cloud platform, Ekon solutions provide companies with the flexibility and agility they need to achieve operational excellence.

Primavera is the leading business software company in the Portuguese market, with a broad portfolio of products aimed at simplifying the lives of companies of various sizes and sectors and increase value creation.

Diez Software is one of the most valued ERP solutions in the accountancy sector, with a wide range of modular solutions, including payroll, accounting, invoicing and taxes.

Contasimple is the leading company in Spain in software for freelancers and micro-companies, with a 100% SaaS Cloud product that covers billing, accounting and taxes, among others.

Valuekeep is the Iberian market leader in cloud maintenance solutions that helps companies of all industries to effectively centralise and streamline the management of assets, teams and maintenance processes, anytime and anywhere.

Professional Software is the Spanish leader in the development of IT solutions for the construction sector, thanks mainly to their product Sigrid that is a vertical ERP that covers all the needs of any construction company, regardless of size

Billage is a 100% SaaS Cloud solution, which allows digital micro-companies to organize their entire business in a single tool, with billing, CRM, project management and cash management

YET is a company specialized in electronic invoicing and document dematerialisation solutions, with the strong purpose of simplifying the administrative management of organisations.


GSE Humansoftware offers business management solutions to SMEs and accountants including accounting, tax, billing and documentary solutions in its portfolio. Its 30 years of history endorse it as a leader in the accountants sector in Navarra.

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Experts in solutions for

At Grupo Primavera we have specific software solutions for accountants, adapted to all sizes and needs.

Leadership & Experience

Digital transformation
born from human talent.

Santiago Solanas

CEO and shareholder



Salvador de Andrés 



Rafael Gorjao

VP Business Development 


Álvaro Ramírez

Chairman Advisory Board and President Softland


Jorge Batista

 Founder Primavera BSS, Board Member and shareholder


José Dionísio

Founder Primavera BSS, Board Member and shareholder


John Woyton

Shareholder, Chairman of the Board and Board Member Scion Tech Growth SPAC


Jeremy Roche

Board Member and shareholder, FinancialForce Founder


Joanne Webb

Interim CMO Grupo Primavera, C-Suite Executive & Board Advisor with experience in Disney, Dreamworks, Merlin and Microsoft


Neil Chambers

Chief Product Officer and ex CPO Financial Force 


Talent & Careers

our team.

We help freelancers, small and medium companies to be more efficient with our digital solutions.

Develop your professional career with Grupo Primavera.

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A leader is born


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At Grupo Primavera we believe in the social impact of our work in Spain and Portugal. For this reason, our mission is to optimize the management of thousands of small and medium-sized companies that generate most of the employment in our communities and whose products and services transform society and raise people’s quality of life.

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